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Ipsum’s energy management in a nutshell

Ipsum customers receive deeper insight into their consumption patterns, broken down over time and per appliance group.  This rich data is shared in monthly reports, but also online via a personalized website and a dedicated mobile APP.  Find out more about every step in the process by rolling-over the numbers in the image belowe or read more about the Ipsum subscription “Insight & Awareness“.

At the customer site a coded power box is installed in the meter cabinet. The Coded Power box measures the total electricity consumption per second.

The advantages of the meter cabinet are plenty:
- The measurement is at the source, so it is very accurate.
- Installation in the meter cabinet is easy, no hassle and therefor not intrusive to business operations.

The measured consumption data is compressed and send out via the internet to the IPSUM Back End.

At the IPSUM Back End the data is transformed into valuable information, resulting in a clear baseline of the annual consumption.

Smart, advanced Coded Power algorithms are capable of identifying all individual electrical appliances by means of disaggregation.

Per appliance the "What?" "How Much?" "When?" "How?" & "Why?" behind the consumption will be answered.

IPSUM will combine this disaggregated information with the baseline report.

A very accurate real time energy footprint will be shown highlighting savings opportunities

The IPSUM Energy System is a closed loop system. This enables IPSUM to give our customers continuous feedback.

All the information, be it reports or feedback will be made available monthly. One can also check the status real time on our website or use the dedicated IPSUM app.

Change by insight

We believe that the core element in achieving sustainable improvements in energy consumption is to change behaviour via insight and awareness.

We recognise that human behaviour has the biggest impact on energy consumption. Therefore, influencing this behaviour is the best way of saving energy. Experience shows that significant savings are achievable by simply changing certain behavioural patterns.