Ipsum joins Dutch economic trade mission to the USA

21 Dec Ipsum joins Dutch economic trade mission to the USA

The mission, led by Minister Kamp & HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, focuses on start-ups and will visit the CES, the largest technology trade show in the world & Silicon Valley

December 20, 2016 Enschede, Netherlands – Ipsum Energy, recipient of the EU Seal of Excellence as Green Tech company, is proud to participate in the Dutch economic trade mission to the USA. The mission has the aim to strengthen the transatlantic cooperation. The US is the leading investor in the Netherlands and our country is one of the top five foreign investors in the US. The Dutch delegation will attend CES 2017 in Las Vegas and will also visit Silicon Valley. Ipsum has a specific aim to look for partners and investors to access the US market.

Mission with special focus on startups
This economic mission to the USA is the first with a dedicated ‘’track’’ for startups. HRH prince Constantijn of the Netherlands is co-leading the trade mission, in his role as Special Envoy of StartupDelta. StartupDelta is a Dutch organization that has the mission to build and grow the Dutch startup ecosystem. Focus is especially on Dutch tech startups with a global ambition, like Ipsum.

CES (January 5-8, 2017) & Holland Startup Pavilion
For 50 years, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology held in Las Vegas every year. It is the world’s largest gathering place for consumer technologies & next-generation innovations are launched. The CES, owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) represents the $287 billion U.S. consumer technology industry. More than 165k attendees from 150 countries make the CES the largest innovation gathering in the world.

The CES 2017 will see the first ever Holland Startup Pavilion, where all participating startups, including Ipsum, will showcase applications in many different technologies. On Thursday January 5, Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp and His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands will officially open the Holland Startup Pavilion.

Silicon Valley (January 9-12, 2017)
The trade mission will continue after the CES to Silicon Valley, the cradle of all innovation ecosystems. The program there provides a great opportunity for Ipsum to learn and connect, prepare partnerships and show our potential.

Ipsum & the U.S.
In the USA alone 180 million Smart Meters will be installed in consumer homes. Ipsum takes the huge Smart Meter Industry to an entire different level by making Smart Meters really smart through Appliance Level insights for consumers with 24/7 tracking through their Smartphone, giving consumers a real time tool for significant savings on their energy bill.

Research has shown, also in the U.S (Stanford, Carrie Armel, 2011) that the most effective way to save energy is via 24/7 real-time insights on appliance level and continuous feedback. In this approach savings of between 12% and 20% can be achieved.

Ipsum is active in the Dutch & UK market and will launch its Smart Insight service in March, 2017. Ipsum sees huge opportunities in the USA for substantial energy savings, which is why Ipsum is looking for partners in the Smart Meter Industry and investors to access the US market.

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