Vote for Ipsum to win the Accenture Innovation Award!

18 Aug Vote for Ipsum to win the Accenture Innovation Award!

Ipsum competes for the Accenture Innovation Award and needs your vote!

The Accenture Innovation Award is presented yearly to companies with the most innovative Dutch products, services and concepts that deliver extraordinary results in the area of innovation and sustainability. Ipsum is the perfect match.

By 2020 there will be 1 Bn. smart meters installed world wide without delivering any savings to the consumer. Smart insight by Ipsum changes the game by smartening up the smart meter. Using the energy consumption measured by the smart meter, we give you 24/7 real time insight into your energy use, divided by appliances, idle consumption and of course total consumption, in kWh, € and CO2.

We detect and name your devices, you don’t need to help us with that. We give you instant feedback on savings actions, personal analysis and tips. We make saving energy into a game! This way you can save 10-20% on your energy use, which is good for the planet and your wallet.

It is an affordable solution. No investment in expensive intelligent hardware, but a simple subscription you earn back in no time at all. We want to enable as much households as possible to save energy. Independent of utilities.

Can you imagine what will happen when all households with a smart meter will be equipes with Smart insight and start saving 10-20%? Achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Treaty will be a walk in the park! That is what motivates the driven, intelligent, slightly crazy Ipsum team. Being able to help preserve the planet while helping you to save some money. The knowledge that together, we can change the status quo of energy consumption once and for all!

Often we are asked the question: I have s smart thermostat at home, isn’t that the same thing? No! It’s not. A smart thermostat isn’t able to tell you when and how much energy your appliances consume or tell you about your idle consumption without help from YOU or expensive plugs. Research has even shown that there are often hidden costs involved and that they may actually drive up energy consumption. The opposite of what we all are trying to achieve.

Do you also believe Ipsum should win the Accenture Innovation Award? Then help us by voting for us here. When you share your vote or this article with your network, let us know by tagging us in your message (@ipsumenergy / #ipsumenergy via and perhaps you will be one of ten persons winning a free year-long subscription of Smart Insight! Winners will be announced after October 28, 2016.

We are ready!

Team Ipsum