Identify your energy guzzlers at home and save money!

Ipsum shows you where to save energy and how, at a single glance.

“Saving energy with a smart meter is impossible without Ipsum”


The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has concluded that the anticipated energy savings from the use of smart meters are lagging behind. Here at Ipsum Energy, we know how we can change that. We have developed a special algorithm that makes it possible to automatically detect the amount of energy used by household appliances. That knowledge allows consumers to save up to twenty per cent on energy costs.


Step 1

See your energy consumption

We identify your appliances & measure their consumption

We compare the data with similar households

We show you where to save the most

Step 2

Select your actions

Replace this appliance


Change your consumption

We show you how much can be saved on each appliance and how best to achieve this

Step 3

View your progress

We show you how much you have saved on each appliance

This shows you whether your actions to save energy were effective



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