5 reasons to join us!

     1. Our climate

Did you know that everyone can save up to 20% on energy consumption? And that if every person in the Netherlands would do so, we would already comply with 75% of the Paris Climate Agreement requirements?

In other words, we don’t have to wait for politicians or new inventions. We can do this ourselves.

So join us and help us save the planet!

     2. your wallet

Saving an average of 20% on energy means savings up to EUR 150 on your electricity bill.

Your involvement also enables you to save up to EUR 200 on your gas bill.

In short, Ipsum does wonders for your wallet.

     3. Insight and awareness

75% of all inhabitants of the Netherlands believe that washing machines use the most energy.

In reality, they take 6th place!

Ipsum has a cure for this ‘energy blindness’ and shows you precisely what your energy guzzlers are.

     4. Education for you and your children

Do your children always leave their devices attached to the charger?

Ipsum teaches you and your (grand)children how to save energy.

     5. Saving as a game

Are you already careful not to use too much energy?

Make it a game to see if you can use even less than you do!

In short, play the game with Ipsum!

If you want the insight Ipsum provides, then use the button to order now!